Saturday, February 5, 2011

God is Faithful!

I'm heading out to get my pedi, mani, and facial today...whoo whoo!  I'm getting to have some fun with Nancy too.  We always laugh a lot together during my beauty treatments.  They really don't make be beautiful but certainly help make me more socially acceptable.  8-)

My white and red blood counts feel like they've returned to normal...I won't really know until next Thursday for sure.  I know that I am no longer bruising (red cells out of whack causes that) and my shingles are clearing up (I've been on antibiotic for a week) which were caused by my white cells being so low.  I have more and more energy...yeah...I'm definitely just about mended I think.  God is faithful in his healing of me.

Tom and I are doing our weekly shopping after my beauty stop.  He is going to drive me in and pick me up.

Yesterday was Tom's birthday and we spent a quiet day with me working and him playing on his computer.  He picked up our usual Friday Thai food and we had some cake together for his birthday.  We really do like our life's simplicity and the fact that I have Tom to share it with.  8-) God is faithful in my simple home life.

I thought today's Max was fitting...I don't have to be beautiful for God to love me.   8-)  A little reassurance that even with all my imperfections, I am loved fully and completely by God.

"Absolute Love

“His love has taken over our lives; God’s faithful ways are eternal.” Psalm 117:2 

The Message 

God’s love for you is not dependent on how you look, how you think, how you act, or how perfect you are. His love is absolutely nonnegotiable and nonreturnable. Ours is a faithful God."

Amen and Amen...

By Grace Alone -


Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Ramblings 8-)

Yesterday...not so much going on.  Did the treadmill again...(YEAH ME!!  HA)  Worked all day.  Cooked supper then got a call from the guy that is teaching my classes for me.   He had just arrived from California and was trying to find the Jetplex.  Of course, he was trying to find it in the dark so that made it a little harder for him.  So I offered to meet him at his hotel this morning and let him follow me in.

We met at 6:15 at his hotel and I got to watch him finish eating breakfast (I was a little early...oops) and then we headed out into the cold cold weather.  It was so cold that my nose and eyes ran like little faucets.  (Still having some side effects from the chemo...o well...this too shall pass eventually.)  Anyway, we go there with no problem and I checked him in with the guard and vouched for him so he could come back tomorrow and finish up the classes  (without me having to take him).  I showed him all around the training room and made sure his computer worked on the docking station and that the projector worked as it is supposed to.  Then I ran away as quickly as possible...HA!

I got back home and put out all the fires that were already stirring up from work (it was only 7:30 when I got back...don't these people ever sleep?) and now things have died down to a normal state of being. 

I go this afternoon to have the body cast made for the radiation treatments.  The cast is supposed to hold me mobile while they shoot the radiation into my breast and under my arm into the lymph nodes.  (I may have already told you guys this....if so...sorry.) 

Tomorrow is Tom's birthday.  I still have to wrap his I am so behind on some things.  I believe he is off tomorrow also so I'll have to get it done today. 

Max's words for today...Maybe having a 'common life' isn't so bad after long as we 'listen' to it.

"A Common Life

“The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.” Matthew 13:44
When you list the places Christ lived, draw a circle around the town named Nazareth—a single-camel map dot on the edge of boredom. For thirty of thirty-three years, Jesus lived a common life . . . 

And the town may have been common, but his attention to it was not . . . He saw how a seed on a path took no root (Luke 8:5) and how a mustard seed produced a great tree (Matthew 13:31-32). Jesus listened to his common life.

Are you listening to yours?"

By Grace Alone -


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back on the Treadmill Again...

People have had so many problems leaving comments on the blog, I am trying something new.  Instead of forcing them to log in through google or aim, I set it to where anyone can leave a comment.  I will try this for a while and won't change it unless we get some unacceptable comments.

I know I am on the mend because I actually did a mile and a half on the treadmill today.  I am also starting to be feisty again at work and my boss is noticing it.  He says "It is really nice to see the old spark (fire) coming from your responses...can't wait to have you back here."  Yeah...whatever...

It is good to be fully back in the work mix though.  Emails flying left and right.  Demands made and dodged expertly.  8-)  I really do love my job most days.  It is challenging enough to keep me mentally going and I get to travel around to the different Huntsville sites training people so it's never just a boring desk job.

Shadow has been restless all day.  It must be the impending bad weather that is heading our way.  She normally sleeps most of the day but today she has been crying at me all day.  She settled down for a little while when I opened a window but then it started sprinkling and she is back at the caterwalling.  I've tried brushing her, changing her water, giving her extra attention but nothing seems to do it for her.  Worse than a baby....

Here is a little Max for you...good words to remember...WE can't be good enough...WE can't earn his love...He gives it freely...(I'd certainly be in trouble if it depended on my goodness...big grin)

"This Is Love

“This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” I John 4:10 NIV 

Does God love us because of our goodness? Because of our kindness? Because of our great faith? No, he loves us because of his goodness, kindness, and great faith. John says it like this: “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us.”"

By Grace Alone - 


Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy Weekend

Busy Weekend.

Tom was home on Friday (He works 9/80s and gets every other Friday off.) and work was still going on for me at a fairly hectic pace.  I honestly can't remember what I did on Friday other than work so I guess it wasn't important.  HA!

Saturday, he worked on washing all the snow and sludge off of his truck and I finally opened my new furniture for holding DVDs and BluRays and got them set up.  The room looks much better now.  I still need to put some curtains in there (there is a black out shade up right now but curtains would complete the window...maybe some toppers...we'll see) but considering it is just an exercise room, it's not on the top of my priority list..).  Right now, it is the least used room in the house because I haven't had the energy to do any exercising but I'd say that pretty soon, it will get used again.  (Do you hear that Mr. Tom?  We're getting back to exercising soon.  8-)  Muwah wah - evil laugh)  Here are some visuals of the room.  Tom built the shelves under the TV.  Isn't he just a great 'handy man'!

Sunday we went shopping and while I was exhausted when it was over, it was really really good to get out.  We made our Wal-mart and Publix runs so we are good to go for this next week.  We also ate out at Cracker Barrel which is always good eating.  8-)

Mom's friend Ina is currently going through all the testing associated with the beginnings of breast cancer.  I totally sympathize with her and know that this is very painful and tedious.  It is a very stressful time and she will need all the prayers that you guys can send up to get her through it.  It looks like she already knows that she has to go through Chemotherapy and Radiation (I capitalize these two words out of respect...) as well as having both breasts removed.  I didn't go with the mastectomy option because the surgeon (and my research) showed me that it wouldn't improve my life expectancy to any degree. 

Hope everyone is having a great day!

By Grace Alone...