Sunday, October 7, 2012

Changing of the Season

I always feel a bit melancholy when summer turns to fall.  I looked out the kitchen window this morning and this is what I saw.

Now, I'll admit, the sun isn't up yet and, even when it comes up completely, it will be overcast but it really matched my mood this morning.  The leaves are beginning to fall off of the trees and I know that before long, the trees will be bare and that will be the view for several months while the world goes into the dormant winter state.  The air has turned crisp and cool and I have already turned the heat on to knock the chill out of the air. 

It's funny, even though the leaves are falling off the trees, the roses are still generating new leaves.  I haven't fertilized in probably six weeks so I must have fertilized to late in the summer.  They are still really pretty and I stand amazed that they survived me and the drought this year.  8-)

I have been able to avoid all doctors for the last six months and, I have to admit, it has been wonderful!  Next Wednesday I have to go see my oncologist for my six month check up. (Which will generate other appointments such as mammograms and probably a pet scan).  Hopefully, all the diagnostics that they insist on doing will come back clean and I can go on for another six months without any more doctors.  8-)

Sometimes, I get so caught up in life that I forget how precious this time with BJ, Madora, and Roman is.  Sometimes, I find myself screaming internally, give me just five minutes without the noise and bustle that their family brings into the house.  Max has some wonderful words of wisdom about how I should be dealing with this.  I mean, I never let them know that I feel that way but does being Christ-like mean that we don't have those feelings or that we don't show them?  8-}

"Piranha Hour

By Max Lucado

We used to call 5:00 p.m. the “piranha hour.” It was that time of day when our girls all wanted a piece of mom at the same time. And I, the ever-loving, ever-sensitive husband, wanted Denalyn to drop everything and talk to me about my day. When is your piranha hour? When do people in your world demand much and offer little?

Jesus teaches us how to live through them successfully. When hands extended and voices demanded, Jesus responded with love. He did so because the code within him disarmed the clock.

The code is worth noting: “People are precious.” He gave sight to eyes that would lust. He healed hands that would kill. Many of those he healed would never say “thank you” but he healed them anyway.

God’s goodness is spurred by His nature—not by our worthiness. He knows the value of people!

“…but the crowds learned about [what Jesus was doing] and followed him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing. Luke 9:11″"

By Grace Alone -