Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is Heaven for Me?

Busy busy weekend.  We went truck shopping and found a beautiful new Tacoma for Tom.  It is a Magnetic Gray Metallic.  We got there at 1:00 (had an appointment) and were driving away with it by 3:30.  We got a great deal on the trade-in for his 2008 Tacoma.  This will probably be our retirement truck.  We still need to get a hard tonneau cover for it though.  He's found the one he wanted and has ordered it.
The rest of the weekend was spent chatting with my Mom, cleaning house, sewing, and resting.

Roman's birthday is on Saturday and we're going to do a cake, eat out, and then I got them tickets to the hockey game for Saturday night.  Yeah, we don't do hockey but they really enjoy it and I get the tickets free through Boeing so it makes for a perfect end to his birthday. 

I gave the finished t-shirt quilt to my boss and he really seemed to love it.  It is a good feeling to make people happy with quilts.  I understand why my Mom enjoys doing it so much!

My next project is another wall hanging.  One of the walls over the tub in my bathroom is totally bare.  (I"m never in a hurry for decorating...I have the rest of my life and it makes it fun along the way to decorate instead of killing myself when we first move into a house.  Ok, so it's been 5 and a half years since we moved in and I still have blank walls.  Big's my  I've designed the pattern I want for in there, cut the cloth and I laid it out to see how it would look.  The binding will be made out of the darkest gray color.  I am having a ton of fun with the design software Tom got me for Christmas.  8-)

I've been reading a book that was written by Amber Myers called "The Swimmer's Assistant".  Amber is the one that does the Whispering Writer Blog. (You can connect to that blog over on the right in my "Blogs I enjoy reading" section.)  The book is every bit as funny as the Stephanie Plum series books.  In fact, in some ways, I'd say it was funnier.  If you like funny books, you can get this one on Amazon for .99 in Kindle format.  It is a LONG book too...not just a little short one like most of them are today.  And no, I don't personally know the writer...I just read her blog a lot when I was going through chemo to keep my spirits up.  She is as humorous in real life as she is with her books.

Here is a little Max for today.

"Is Heaven for Me?

By Max Lucado

My friend Joy teaches children in an inner city church. Her class is a lively group of nine-year-olds. There’s one exception—a timid girl named Barbara. Her difficult home life had left her afraid and insecure. She never spoke. Never. Always present. Always listening. Always speechless. Until the day Joy talked about heaven—about seeing God. About tearless eyes and deathless lives. Barbara raised her hand. “Mrs. Joy? Is heaven for girls like me?”

I would’ve given a thousand sunsets to have seen Jesus’ face as this tiny prayer reached His throne. A prayer to do what God does best: To take a pebble and kill a Goliath. To take a peasant boy’s lunch and fed a multitude. To take three spikes and a wooden beam and make them the hope of humanity. To take the common and make it spectacular!"

By Grace Alone -