Friday, April 19, 2013

Technological Whiz or Technological Ditz??

I used to be a techology whiz.

Not sure what happened.

Now I find myself screaming at my iPad and wanting to throw it in the trash.

No, it isn't menopause.

I've just had one of those weeks.

Lately, I've had some password challenges.  I'm sure everyone has these nowadays (that's a word, right?).  I mean, we have to create passwords for different email accounts (yeah, I've got an email account for my apple id, an email account for my internet account that is tied to my cable, I used to have one that was tied to my old internet account with AT&T that we got rid of when we got our new internet account and that one was on our iPads, iPods, and iPhones.  I was trying to change the iMessage on the iPad from the account to my account and it wasn't taking what I KNEW was the right password for the account.  (You followed all that, right?)  I ended up handing it to Tom and saying "It's all yours."  Turned out the iMessage doesn't even work on the iPad so no wonder the password wasn't working.  Not sure why it worked with the bellsouth account to begin with.  Who knows.  Another of life's mysteries.

Side Note: At last count, I had about 168 different passwords in my password database.  Yeah, kinda extreme, but I'm a complicated gal.

I got froggie and decided to go to google + with my comments on my blog.  AFTER I did that I saw that it said that I would lose all my previous comments when I did so.  WHAT???  I have so FEW comments.  I CHERISH all my comments.  Oh well.  A technical HIT again.  It turns out that it isn't as bad as I thought.  I can't see the comments in the stats but I can still see them on the individual blog entries.  More cumbersome, but all is not lost.  (Whew)

The new med the doctor put me on for the migraines is doing really well.  No migraines in the past week.  I adjusted to one a day and started on two a day today.  Back to feeling fuzzy but I am sure that will straighten out after a week just like the one a day did.  I REALLY like not having a headache. 

Here is some Max for today:

"The Fire that Consumes You

By Max Lucado

God will speak to you differently than He will speak to others. Just because God spoke to Moses through a burning bush doesn’t mean we should all sit next to a bush waiting for God to speak. No, God reveals His heart personally to each person. We learn His will as we take up residence in His house and seek to listen to him every single day.

Want to know God’s will for your life? Then answer the question: What ignites your heart? Forgotten orphans? Untouched nations? The inner city? What is the fire that consumes you? Mark it down. Jesus comes to set you on fire and he will speak to you. The fire of your heart is the light of your path. Fan it at your own delight. Blow it. Stir it. Nourish it. Disregard it at your own expense! Your delight is God’s message to you!

God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing. Ephesians 2:10"

By Grace Alone -