Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr. Shingles and Mr. Multi

I have to admit...I had a very bad weekend.  My old friend 'Mr. Shingles' came back to visit me this last week and a spot on my arm that Tom and I had been watching turned from brown to red, brown, and black.  It fits all of the ABCD categories of skin cancer.  (Asymmetry - one half is different than the other half, Border is irregular, color is uneven, and diameter is greater than 6 millimeters.)  I called my doctor this morning and he wants me to come see him Friday afternoon.  There are also two other small spots that are new and about an inch away from the bigger one. 

I spent most of the weekend moaning over the headache/neck ache (which are always a precursor to the arrival of Mr. Shingles) and whining over my itching back.  I went ahead and started some medicine to battle the shingles and went into 'survival' mode.  After 36 hours of medicine and resting, my headache is better and I have some relief from the neck ache. 

Here is a picture of this new addition to my arm...I've named it "Mr. Multi" because it has so many colors to it.  I never realized how hard it is to take a picture of that side of your arm.  lol.

I also found out this morning that if you've had breast cancer then your chances of getting melanoma are greater and vice-versa.  Article at  I did not know that before now.  Wow...lucky me.

The good news is that even if it is malignant then we've caught it very very early. 

So here I am in the middle of a storm again but I really don't feel stressed and it is probably because of all the prayers that come my way.   (I thank you ALL for that)

According to Max, even from Jesus...Here is a little Max that is fitting for today.

"We Row

By Max Lucado

"He went into the hills to pray.”  Mark 6:46

What does Jesus do while we are in the storm? You’ll love this. He prays for us . . .
So where does that leave us? While Jesus is praying and we are in the storm, what are we to do? Simple. We do what the disciples did. We row . . .

Much of life is spent rowing . . . Getting out of bed. Fixing lunches . . . More struggle than strut."

By Grace Alone -