Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

I don't think about death so much anymore.  Goodness, but that is a good thing.  I am now thinking about things that we should do in the future.  I don't think about doctors all the time and when my next appointment is.  I get to LIVE life again.  It's really awesome.  Cancer plays a lot of mind games with you...SHAME on Cancer.

Speaking of doctors...I got a clean bill of health from my Radiology Oncologyst yesterday.  I don't have to go back to him for 6 months.  I don't have to go back to my surgeon for a year (unless something comes up that I need him for) and I don't have to see my Medical Oncologyst until October.  Life is good.

We are sitting in the office this morning with the window open for Shadow (who is not even sitting in it..HA) and I hear all the morning sounds that I grew up with when I was living in TN.  Cicadas, frogs, and birds.  It is so peaceful out here in the country.  I am really glad we live out here now instead of Florida.  It has also (finally) turned cooler here.  I know the entire country must be breathing a sigh of relief because it actually looks like summer is moving into fall and the temperature is dropping to a more acceptable level.

At this point, you, the reader, should be going "blah, blah, blah...does this girl have anything of importance to say today?"  The answer is absolutely not.  I just woke up in the mood to blog a bunch of totally random 

So, here are some words from Max that aren't so random or meaningless...8-)

"Brag About That

By Max Lucado

“The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is my only reason for bragging.” Galatians 6:14

Do you feel a need for affirmation? Does your self-esteem need attention? You don’t need to drop names or show off. You need only to pause at the base of the cross and be reminded of this: The maker of the stars would rather die for you than live without you. And that is a fact. So if you need to brag, brag about that."

By Grace Alone -


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Multi-Tasking in Today's World.

I love my nephew's latest blog where he confirms that our earthly home is not the home that we should be longing for but the heavenly home is the one we should put our eyes on.  That is where our real 'rest' will be attained.  8-)  His musings can be found at  He is a pastor and lives in Illinois.  He currently has 4 children (I always say 'currently' because you never know when young people are finished having those and a very busy life.  I noticed the last time I talked to him (about a year ago at my father's funeral) that he is always multitasking.  You can be having a conversation with him and he will be busy doing something else as well.  I saw a picture of him with his family recently and while he was having his picture taken, he was talking on the phone.  He is a very busy man...I really hope he slows down enough to enjoy those kids while they are young.  As we get older, we realize how much we probably missed of our kids childhood because those are such busy years for young adults.  Anyway, he has been in my thoughts a lot lately...just thought I would share some of them...8-)

He comes by that multi-tasking quite naturally.  His mother (My sister) is the same can be talking to her on the phone and know that she is busy with something else, even if it is just traveling on the road. 

But wait...I AM THE SAME  Rarely do I just do one thing at a time.  Even if it is just playing games.  I will have several going at the same time.  One on my IPAD, one on my IPhone, and one on my computer.  As one is doing something I have to wait for, I'll move to the other one, etc.  At the same time that the three games are going, I'll also be balancing my budget for the week.  My mom and I used to skype and play games at the same time.  Tom and I watch TV and I am playing a game at the same time I am watching TV.  I cook and read at the same time.  (The list goes on and on.)  We are all a family of multi-taskers.  I think our intelligence makes us bored very easily.  (Now, I'm not bragging here, it's just a fact that we're all fairly

Should we slow down more and pay attention to what is really going on around us? it possible for us to do so?  Probably not...there is only one of us and so many tasks to get done before each day ends.  But some of it is just in our 'nature'.  My husband is used to my nature and accepts it as part of who I coworkers...not as much.  I have one in particular that will insist that I give him my full attention without multi-tasking while he chats with me.  Of course, he is one of those laid back types that never feels the stress of any moment.  Whatever...I can't even relate to that

Forge on with that is in your nature.  8-)

By Grace Alone -


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Tom and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday by taking in the latest Harry Potter movie (actually physically went out to the movies which is very rare for us) and ate a lot of popcorn while we were there, then stopped by my favorite clothing store (Coldwater Creek) and found several new oufits (BAD BAD fall clothes were out and I couldn't resist) and put the four pairs of slacks on hold until Thursday when they have their buy one pair of slacks and get the other pair for 50% off sale going on.  (Our actual anniversary date is Monday the 15th but we wanted to have a 'date day' to celebrate so we did it on Saturday.)

Then we went to Florence, AL to the Walmart to take care of our weekly shopping and had a late supper at Texas Roadhouse.  They have the best steaks in the whole world as far as we are concerned.  We'll take the flavor of their Filet Mignon Steak over atmosphere in some hoity toity restaurant anyday.  8-)  We got home around 8:30 last night which is very late for us to be 

I started taking some megadoses of vitamin B12 a couple of weeks ago and I am seeing some real improvement in my sleeping and my energy levels.  B12 is supposed to help with the production of red blood cells.  Now that I am getting more energy, I may drop back to once every other day instead of taking it every day.  I have also been having some bone pain that is reminiscent of when they gave me (during chemo) the shots of Neulasta to help my bones produce more white blood cells.  Anyway, I really love the energy benefits from the B12. 

Today we went to Lowe's and found Tom a new Weed Eater and bought several attachments for it (blower, cultivator, and edger) because he keeps fighting the engine on the old one.  He also wanted to go to a 4 cycle engine instead of a 2 cycle.   I had received several hundred dollars worth of awards at work for helping different programs with issues that they had and I turned those into Lowe's gift certificates so Tom could spend them where he needed them.  We also get 10% off at Lowe's because he is retired military so we got all that for almost nothing out of our own pockets.  So that was kind of his anniversary present and the clothes were mine.  8-)

Well, enough of my are some better words from Max...

"Through Faith

By Max Lucado

“A person is made right with God through faith.” Romans 3:28

Dare you stand before God and ask him to save you because of your suffering or your sacrifice or your tears or your study? . . .

Nor did Paul. It took him decades to discover what he wrote in only one sentence.

“A person is made right with God through faith.” Not through good works, suffering, or study. All those may be the result of salvation but they are not the cause of it." 

By Grace Alone -