Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making Memories

My Mom and I sewed together on Skype yesterday.  That is always fun.  I like to spend a few hours on the weekend just sitting back and playing and chatting about nothing and everything.  When we started our conversation this weekend I wasn't sure what I was going to do during it.  Tom and I had just gotten back from the grocery store and Hobby Lobby.  I needed some furniture for my sewing room to hold already cut pieces of cloth so they wouldn't get strewn all over the shelves with the cloth that wasn't cut yet.  (Yeah, this has become a SERIOUS hobby.)  Anyway, I started out cleaning up the furniture while we talked and then I started looking at the ironing board that was up against the wall and was comparing it to the new wall hanging that I had just gotten finished this week and hung up the night before.  They really clashed.  Started talking to my Mom about it and we decided that I probably had enough cloth left over from the border on the wall hanging to cover the ironing board so (to continue this run-on sentence) we sat there and designed it together.  Even after she is gone, I will look at that ironing board and remember the good times we had laughing during the creation of that ironing board cover.  :)

Here is the wall hanging and the finished matching ironing board cover.  :)

The biggest challenge was Shadow wanting to play with the elastic while I was threading it through the binding on the cover.  She's almost 11 years old and she's still such a kitten.

I got a REALLY good deal on one of the two pieces of furniture I got at Hobby Lobby.  It was regularly $299.  They had it marked down 30% to $209.  It had a big gouge on the front of it and I thought...hmmm....I don't really care about the gouge since it is just going in my sewing room but I don't want to pay $200 for a gouged piece of furniture.  So I called one of the clerks over and asked if I could get a deal on it.  He said he'd ask the manager.  The manager said I could get 50% off.  I figured that just meant 20% more off which would make t $150 which was ok with me.  But when I got up to the register, they gave me 50% MORE off of it so I ended up getting it for $105.  Very cool.  Here is a picture of the two new pieces for my sewing room.  The big one is the one that I got the deal on.  I actually paid $20 more for the smaller piece but it didn't have any flaws so that was ok.  :)

Here is a little Max for today...I just love the ones about food.  :)  This one is a particularly good lesson for Tom and I since we are having a few battles with our neighbor right now.  His kids like to put gum on our brick mailbox (easy to remove)...they don't mow their grass regularly (but they eventually mow it)...and their trash quite often blows into our yard (easy to pick up)...oh, it's the little things.  Good lessons from God.

"Chocolate Ice Cream or Okra?

by Max Lucado

Jesus said: “The way you give to others is the way God will give to you.” (Luke 6:38).

It’s as if God sends you to purchase your neighbor’s groceries. “Whatever you get your neighbor, get also for yourself.” I’m crazy about double-chocolate ice cream, so I buy my neighbor double-chocolate ice cream. But suppose your neighbor’s trash blows into your yard. He’s in no rush—says he’ll get to it next week.

You’re just about to have a talk when God reminds you, “Time to go to the market and buy your neighbor’s groceries.” You march right past the double-chocolate ice cream toward the okra and rice. You drive back and drop the sack in the lap of your lazy, good-for-nothing neighbor. “Have a good dinner.”

The next time you go to your pantry, guess what you find? What will you be eating? Chocolate ice cream or okra? It’s up to you."

By Grace Alone -