Sunday, October 30, 2011


So, yesterday, it finally warmed up enough to do the stenciling on the floor of the gazebo.

I picked a simple design from Modello Design online because I didn't want anything too comlicated and as most of you know...I love simplicity.

First I had to 'burnish' the thick white paper backing that comes on the stencil.  This mean I scraped something with a flat edge across the paper.  (I used a cake knife...yeah, I just grab whatever looks like it will work...too much trouble to go looking for an actual  Then you flip it over and do the same thing to the transparent paper side of the design.  (That side looks like thin waxed paper)

By this time, Tom had blown off the gazebo floor again to make sure there weren't any leaves or dirt on it and I was ready to go out and start putting down the stencil.
Below I've gone throught the several steps it took to get the stencil stuck to the concrete.

Here Tom is putting the final touches on getting the concrete areound the stencil protected.

This is after I attacked it with the red glossy paint.

We let it dry for an hour between the two coats we sprayed on and then the fun started.  I think Carol would love doing this peeling part.  8-)

Tom went crazy with the camera while I peeled the stencil off.

More pictures of the peeling process...

Remind me not to let him near the camera again....


Finally, the center part is revealed...

The circle around the outside came out really nice.

The finished product...nice...

Just another angle of the finished product...

Well, I've pictured you guys enough for today...8-)  This is how we spent our Saturday.  Next weekend, we might get to start building the gazebo...

By Grace Alone -