Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Super BroHam

With the new addition to our family came the dilemma of what to be called.  Roman already had a Grandma and Grandpa (Madora's parents) so he didn't want to call us by those names.  When we visited them in Las Vegas he came up with the name "Bro-ham" for Tom immediately.  Tom turned right around and called him Bro-Bacon.  They both laughed over that.  I embroidered a sign for his room that has Pluto (the Disney Dog) on it and says "Bro-Bacon's Room".  He liked it so much he asked if he could take it with him when they move into their new home. 

I was a little more difficult for him.  He and his Mom came up with the name "Gigi".  So we are now Bro-ham and Gigi.  To us, it doesn't matter what he calls us because we love him dearly.  He is completely endearing (well, 99% of the time...he can be challenging some of the time, especially when he is tired.) and we are thoroughly enjoying him.

On Saturday, he goes up to his Bro-ham and says "I love you...".  Bro-ham in turn says "Well, I love you too, Roman" and Roman proceeds to tell him that he needs to show him the inside of the observatory.  We all laughed because we knew something was coming as soon as he said "I love you".  So, Bro-ham and Roman walked out to the observatory and had a look around.   Tom pulled out his smaller telescope for Roman to take a look through.

"Are you sure we can't look through the BIG telescope?"

"WOW...Gigi is really big in here.  How did she get so big?"

Two men and a Cat...

I wish I had gotten a picture of him when they were going out to cut the grass.  It was too adorable...he had his work boots on with his hard hat and when his mother wanted him to try on some pants that I needed to hem for him, he explained to us that he had to go outside and do what MEN do, not change pants for hemming.  Never the less, I got the measurements I needed and he proceeded to go out and do all the manly things that men do outside.  

So, he is Super Bro-Ham to Roman.  They truly have a great bond going on and it is amazingly fun to watch. 

"Every Day - Closer to Home

By Max Lucado

Too seldom do I hear thunder and think “Is that God?”

I’ve been known to let a day pass, even two days, without a glance to the eastern sky. Let’s do better!
Colossians 3:2 reminds us to “Let heaven fill your thoughts. Do not think only about things down here on earth.”

Blessings and burdens. Both can alarm-clock us out of slumber. Gifts stir homeward longings. So do struggles. Every homeless day carries us closer to the day our Father will come.

The Bible tells us God will wipe away all tears, there will be no more death, no more sorrow, no more crying, no more pain.

All of that gone forever. Write checks of hope on this promise! With Paul in Romans 8:23, we “wait anxiously for that day when God will give us our full rights as his children.”

Every day—closer to home!"

By Grace Alone -