Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mail Monotony and Grace Immersion

I spent two and a half hours of my life this morning (that I'll never get back) organizing and deleting mail.  How ridiculous is this?  I have two email accounts.  One of them I only give to family and very very close friends and the other one is a dumping ground for anyone who gets hold of that email address.  Some of the emails are so ridiculous that my email program automatically dumps it into the JUNK folder.  Yeah for the program for doing that...HOWEVER...sometimes it dumps important mail in the junk folder also so I have to scan through that trash as well.  Email from my son's phone keep getting dumped in there.  Ugh.  Frustrating.

Anyway, it had been many months since I had done this laborious, mind-numbing, nauseating deed and suffice it to say that there were thousands of emails to go through.  A lot of it was Farmville, Cityville, Gardens of Time, etc.  (Big gamer here...I started those while going through Chemo...I'm pretty much done with them now.)  My finger can now find the delete button with NO problem.  lol

I went into my Facebook account settings after going through the mail and set it up to NOT send me email  notifications about anything.  I figure that if I see it, I see it, if I don't...ah well.  If it is important enough, people will call me.  8-)

When I get to work tomorrow, I will get to plow through a gazillion emails also but all of those will be requests to do something for someone or someone complaining that the program that I am responsible for doesn't work like they think it should.  (sigh...)  I will have to start a long to-do list when I get back to work.  Well, that IS job security.  8-)

It has been a wonderful time off and Tom and I always say that these little vacations give a taste of how wonderful retirement will be when we get there.  In retrospect, we got to see some of the family, got a lot of projects completed, the house deep cleaned and organized (again...funny how this has to be done every so often...) and spent some quality time together laughing over one thing or another.  My energy levels have actually improved with this break (probably because I've been sleeping very late every morning...oh it has been nice.) and maybe I am not as anemic as I was before this started.  I even had a sore throat a few days ago and am now fully recovered from that so my white cells must be working pretty well also.  I am very thankful that God has given us this vacation together.  It has been a healing time all around.

Here is a very fitting Max for my feelings today:

"Immersed in Grace

By Max Lucado

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.” Psalm 126:3 NKJV

You have not been sprinkled with forgiveness. You have not been spattered with grace. You have not been dusted with kindness. You have been immersed in it. You are submerged in mercy. You are a minnow in the ocean of God’s mercy. Let it change you!"

By Grace Alone -