Sunday, May 20, 2012

God Has Been Busy This Month!

I always stand amazed at the works of God but, this week, he absolutely floored me! 

I planted the rose bushes about a month ago and did not expect to see any blooms for many months.  (If at all, considering my black thumbs.)  But this week the buds that we have been watching grow for the last couple of weeks began opening.  Here is the very first rose that opened.  It opened on my Mom's birthday.  So, Mom, God grew this one for you and it was absolutely perfect.  8-) 

A couple of days later, I had two more open up on the same rose bush.

Tom decided today that it was time to put the ceiling in the Gazebo.  So he gathered up his tools and became Tom the Tool Man Hammond.  Truth be told, he was well on his way to completing the job by the time I got this snapshot.  You can also see that the rose bushes have opened up several more roses by today.

Before he went outdoors, I asked him if he wanted help.  He assured me that he would call me if he needed help.  I continued to offer and he continued to say he thought he could handle it.  Can't imagine why he wouldn't want my opinionated self out there to assist with every little decision!  HA!!

Here is the finished product...I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing at once...arghhh.  He did an AMAZING job....especially since the temperatures were near 90 today.  Summer has definitely arrived.

As for me...I was busy sewing inside.  I started this project last night and finished it this afternoon.  This design will look very familiar to you since it is the same one I used in the kitchen window and the library transom window.  This garage door has always had a window that lets the sunshine in (The garage has two windows with blinds but they still let in a lot of sunshine) and, since this door is right down the hallway from the bedroom, it has always let in light in the early morning and kept us from sleeping in on the weekends.  (Wow, how is that for a run on sentence?)  If it weren't for Shadow (our cat) we would just shut the bedroom door, but she would sit outside our door caterwauling and not let us sleep either, so this is my solution.  For me, if the sun is up, my body thinks I should be up, no matter how late I get into bed.  Anyway, now the window is covered.  8-)

Here is a little Max for today...

"Pull Back the Curtain of Fear

By Max Lucado

It’s our duty to pull back the curtains, expose our fears, each and every one! Financial fears, relationship fears, safety fears–call them out in prayer! Drag them out by the hand of your mind. Make them stand before God and take their come-uppance!

Jesus made his fears public. Hebrews 5:7 tells us, “He offered up prayers and petition with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death.” He prayed loudly enough to be heard and begged his community of friends to pray with him.

The next time you find yourself facing a worst-case moment, verbalize your angst to a trusted circle of God-seekers.  Find your version of Peter, James and John. The big deal is this: you needn’t live alone with your fear.

Besides, what if your fears are nothing more than the devil’s hoax? They could be his hell-hatched, joy-stealing prank. Let’s not let him get away with it!"

By Grace Alone -