Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring is almost over!

A 'lot' and 'not a lot' has happened since Mother's Day.  8-)

A lot because we actually did our first trip since I was told that I am in remission.  We traveled up to Tennessee to see Mom while she was up there.  We had a great time visiting with her and  her friends.  (We had Dinner and games at Gene and Judy Roger's mother's house.  Marion is Judy's mother.) 

Marion is an amazing woman.  She is 92 years old and sharp as a tack.  She stomped us playing Dominoes.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her stories (and she had quite a few of them).  Tom and I both were amazed by her clarity of mind.  I wouldn't mind living to 92 if I were still that sharp.  8-)

So, bottom line, we traveled and I really had more energy than I have had in several years.  I feel 120% better than I did prior to being diagnosed with Cancer.

My hair is growing in and my beautician, Nancy, actually had to cut some off of the back of my head to even up the straggly look at the base of my neck last week.  I probably have a good inch and a half now after almost 5 months.  YEAH for hair.  8-)  I actually found one hair on my pillow this morning where it had fallen out.  So, the cycle of hair is going as it should now.  As for it being straight or curly...well, the back is definitely curly...more curly than it was prior to chemo.  The front and sides still look straight but I think it just hasn't grown enough yet to look curly.  About a half inch behind the back still.  As long as I have hair...I don't care if it is straight or curly.

Weather here in Alabama is in the 90's and we are thoroughly enjoying what seems to already be the end of spring and the beginning of summer.  The back yard is beautiful and green (Tom is out there cutting it as I type). 

Work is full force now and I have the energy to take care of everything that I need to there.  I could not be more blessed than I am right now.  I thank God everyday for each day that comes my way.  Life is GOOD.

We have to start planning our July trip soon.  We are planning to get up to Kentucky and visit with his sister and up to North Dakota to visit with our son.  

Well, not much else going on here...our life is simple and I really like that.  8-)

By Grace Alone -