Sunday, September 29, 2013

Been a While...But She's BAAACCCKKK

Yup, it's been a while....

Tom and I have been busy with redesigning the office.  It was supposed to be HIS project.  HIS hobby.  Somehow, it became my project too.  Well, actually, it was fun. 

Truth be known, I started the project. 

When we lived in Florida, we had a huge office.  The office had two LARGE desks, desk chairs, two bookcases, and two file cabinets (as well as ourselves and Shadow) that fit in it.  There were also two high back chairs for reading.  It was sweet.

When we moved to Alabama, we downsized a bit since we were no longer supporting a passel of children.  (Whoo whoo!!)  Well, along with the downsizing, came a smaller office., the office furniture no longer fit.  We could get the two desks in and the file cabinets (and once again ourselves and Shadow) but none of the other stuff.  We left it that way for about 6 years then all of a sudden I put on the brakes.  I'd had enough.  Too hard to clean, tired of bumping into each other, and no matter how I arranged it, it basically sucked.  Ugh...there had to be a better way.  So, I turned on my ultra huge chemo riddled brain and came up with the floating desk idea.  I went online and saw these little tiny floating desks they were offering.  No way was that gonna cut it for me. 

The MAN needed to get out his power tools and come up with a ROOM SIZED floating desk for me.  I knew he could do it.  I had total faith in him.  After all, I had the entire idea in my ultra huge chemo riddled brain.  All he had to do was dive in there and get it out.  (Good luck, honey!) 

I gave him my general idea (nothing on the floor and everything attached to the wall) which I think he heard much like Charlie Brown's teacher talking and started off on his own track.  He started researching brackets, drawing up designs, cutting up paper into dimensional layouts of the room until he had it just right.  The he found the brackets he wanted.  The big heavy duty kind where two of them can  hold 1000 lbs.  (What did he think we were going to do on this desk?????)  He ordered 17 (SEVENTEEN) of these brackets to hold up this amazing desk that he was going to build. 

I'm thinking...WOW...That's 8,500 pounds of STUFF we can load on that desk.  Is that super cool, or what?  We could put baby elephant bookends on the desk if we wanted to since the average baby elephant only weighs 250 lbs.  (Stuffed of course...ewwww....) 

In case you are interested, and I know you must be or you wouldn't still be reading this dribble that I am are some pictures of the process.  Somehow, he got to do all the fun stuff with the power tools like measuring, sawing the pieces, and routering and I got to do all the drudgery like sanding, staining, and varnishing.  (Now who has the big brain...looks like someone in this house is smarter than I am...)

Starting with the Cleats

1000 pound Brackets are next.  :)

First Board Cut

Nice Router Cut Made.  :-)

Staining the underside of the Desk

Fastening Down the Desk

Looking at the Underside.

First Look at Backsplash

Top Stained

Grommets In Place

Backsplash In Place

Moved In...WHOO WHOO!!!

New Pictures Hung

So, you might be asking, what's next?  Well, He is going to make some kick panels to cover the brackets (that I get to sand, stain and varnish) and then some drawers (gotta have junk drawers)  (that I get to sand, stain and varnish)  You'll notice that there isn't anything on the walls ABOVE our computers...that is because I have other thoughts in my ultra huge chemo riddled brain for those walls.  :)
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