Friday, September 14, 2012

Jumping Beans...

We recently had a new addition to our back yard.  The three men of the house built it.  Here they are about half way done with it.  (I think they were mentally scratching their heads at this point)

Later, I could hear Roman stating "I can help, honest, I know things."  I was proud of him though, even though he kept saying that, (which was annoying to the men on many many levels) he kept his little arms folded waiting patiently to help.

He got to help when it came time to test it out.  He was totally fine with that!


Then BJ had to get in and make sure it could handle the extra weight of an adult.  (right)

Roman is getting the hang of it now.


 Then the next day, we had a 'bug' problem.  I wish I had gotten a picture of him laying down on the trampoline trying to identify every leaf and possible bug on it.  Roman does NOT like bugs.  So we moved it from under the trees to the back of the house.   This way he could climb up in it from the porch.  Another amusing thing was watching him try to get into it without help.  Oh...did we have a good laugh watching him. 

Finally, GiGi gave it a try.  It really was a lot of fun and some tremendous exercise.  So, every night we go out and jump around in it and when we get tired, we both lay down on the trampoline and toss a soft ball up in the air for him to catch.  His catching skills are getting really good.  8-)

 Tom has been tremendously patient through this transition of more family in the house.  He isn't getting much 'me' time but he also knows that this is just a small transition time until they get into their own house.  I feel blessed to have the time to get to know my grandson so well and to spend time with BJ and Madora. 

Tom and Madora got on the trampoline also but I didn't have the camera at the ready when they were on it.

Roman has taken over the watering of my roses and he's doing a really good job.  He likes to work and help around the house.  He is quickly becoming my little helper.  He also helped me scrub down the patio last weekend.  I used the hose while he scrubbed with a brush on a pole.  He is also doing well with his school work.  He seems to like to learn from me and I enjoy the teaching.  8-)  We are pretty much becoming best buddies.  I had forgotten how much fun little boys can be.  8-)

By Grace Alone -