Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lost the Bubble!

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks with the kitchen and I haven't posted since the 25th so I actually had to go back and see where I was when I last posted.  Sigh.  They say the memory is the first thing to go and I honestly don't remember what the second thing is.  Hmmm (old joke)

We ordered new counter tops to match the buffet we are making and they were installed last week.  Here are some picks of the installation.  It was a very interesting process.  The guys were very efficient and got them all done within about 3 hours.  

First part of counter top installed.  There was only one seam in the quartz and it was amazing to watch him with his tools and how he made it all look seamless.

I was pretty sure I would have to remove the tiles that matched the old counter tops and as soon as I saw them against the counter top, there was no question about it.  A couple of days later, I ordered new stainless steel tiles and started removing the ones below.

All 'wrong color' tiles removed.  I still have a lot of cleanup and spackling to do here.  Ugh. But honestly, it looks better already!

Just me looking at the workmanship of the quartz.  I was amazed by the whole process.  I would have liked to have watched them create each piece from scratch.

Tom had a lot of fun looking under the counter to see how straight the facing on the buffet was.  We were both amazed at how straight it came out.  Yeah!!

 This was how they handled the angled wall/corner and the two heights that I asked for because of the sink.  They did a really good job cutting the angles on site.

This is Hayden.  He was the type A personality the got the one seam done so beautifully.

OK, I had a little fun putting stuff on the buffet.  So glad to get my bread maker off of the regular counter top.

The following pictures are after they completed the counter top install.  The plumber hadn't come yet to put in the faucet/soap dispenser/water filter.

 I found a few new decorations...:)  It's kind of like buying curtains for a room and realizing you need new paint and furniture.  ROTFL  I am having a lot of fun with all this.  Tom says now we'll probably have to paint the rest of the house.  (He's right but I'll probably have to rest for a while after this room is done.)

 Another angle... 

As you can see, the faucets aren't installed yet.  They are just resting in their holes because the installer had to make sure the holes were the right size.

So, this last week we have also been working on getting the doors done in our spare time.  The picture below is one of the six doors (dry clamped) to see how it is going to fit.  We couldn't be happier.  Now just 5 more doors and we will be done with this major project!  Have I said how much we are loving retirement?  :) :) :)

The Headline Story
By Max Lucado

We love to know where we came from. We need to know where we came from. Knowing connects us, links us to something greater than we are.

That is why God wants you to know his story. Framed photos hang in his house and lively talks await you at his table. A scrapbook sits in his living room brimming with stories– stories about Bethlehem beginnings and manger miracles; enemy warfare in the wilderness and fishermen friends in Galilee. The stumbles of Peter and the stubbornness of Paul are all part of the story, but they are subplots to the central message of the headline story!  John 3:16. . .“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life!”

God saves his people! God’s story. And we are a part of it!
By Grace Alone...