Monday, December 12, 2011

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas...

I guess we are going to have to say goodbye to the Christmas Tree.  I have started calling Shadow "Grinch" because she is stealing Christmas.  She continues to chew on the tree (we know this because of the thrown up piles of tree needles) so tonight we will probably take it down.  We took some pictures so that we could at least say that we had one this year.  8-)

All by itself...(no Grinch in sight).

Tree and Tom...(still no Grinch in sight)

Vanna White (oh wait...that's just me and there is still no Grinch in sight)

We'll be leaving in a little over a week for Texas anyway so it's just as well.  We are hoping to get our neighbor Tom to watch shadow again.  We meant to go over there and ask him this weekend but didn't make it.  If he can't, then I guess we'll be taking her with us.  That will be a  L O N G trip because she hates traveling. 

Here is a little Max for today:

"We’ve Figured It Out

By Max Lucado

I look at your heavens, which you made with your fingers.… But why are people important to you?  Psalm 8:3–4

Ironic isn’t it? The more we know, the less we believe!  Strange, don’t you think?

We understand how storms are created. We map solar systems and transplant hearts. We measure the depths of the oceans and send signals to distant planets. We’re learning how it all works!

And, for some, the loss of mystery has led to the loss of majesty. The more we know, the less we believe. But knowledge of the workings shouldn’t negate wonder. It should stir wonder! Who has more reason to worship than the astronomer who has seen the stars?

Why then should we worship less? We are more impressed with our discovery of the light switch than with the one who invented electricity. And rather than worship the Creator, we worship the creation.

No wonder there is no wonder! We’ve figured it all out!"

By Grace Alone -