Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Memory Quilt

It was a pretty uneventful weekend.  I started (and finished) the marriage memory wall hanging for Clifford.  I am definitely having some lessons learned moments.  If I leave the stabilizer on the squares until I get it totally put together then the squares line up beautifully.  This time, I actually got the whole thing to square up nicely.  I'm almost embarrassed that these two will be hanging in the same house because this one is definitely better than the other one.  I made a couple of mistakes with my binding.  I have started making my own binding and I thought two inches would be enough but then I sewed a half inch seam instead of a quarter inch seam and it wasn't wide enough but I had already sewn it so I cut the seam down to a quarter inch and then guess what...yup, the corners were not miterable (is that a word) anymore so I sewed a seam at the corner and cut that seam down and then, of course, that is one of the seven deadly sins of sewing...Thou shalt not put a seam in the corner of binding...

Well, I made it work anyway but that is my major flaw for this piece of work.  8-)  I am so thoroughly enjoying the creation...since we are made in God's image...I can see why he felt the need to create us and the world for us to live in.  I can also see why he took the time to stand back, look at it, and say "This is good..."  (I sometimes wonder if He looks down on us today and thinks that maybe it is not so good anymore...but that is another subject altogether.)  Of course, his work is perfect and mine is flawed but that's leaves me room to grow and get better.  8-)  Since none of us are really like God, I'll take the imperfections and continue to try to improve.

Anyway, here is the finished product.  I'm showing you the back too since we've been having fun putting on the tag in the back.  lol  Now, Clifford will have two originals in his house.  (wait...the only two...ROTFL)

Clifford is having surgery this week to remove some kidney stones so keep him in your prayers. 

Here is some Max for you:

"No One Compares to Him

by Max Lucado

Psalm 89:6 asks the question: “Who among the sons of the mighty is like the Lord?”

And the answer is, any pursuit of God’s counterpart is vain. No one and nothing compares to him. No one advises him. No one helps him. You and I may have power. But God IS power.

Unlike the potter who takes something and reshapes it, God took nothing and created something. God created everything that exists by divine fiat. John said in Revelation, “You, God created all things, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created. Revelation 4:11″

Even God asks, “To whom will you compare me?” As if his question needed an answer, he gives one: “I am God–I alone. I am God. There is no one else like me! Isaiah 46:4-9″

We’re blessed to be his children. We can only stand humbly before him and praise his glorious name!"

By Grace Alone -